Friday, November 6, 2009

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Megan fox pictures. Fresh pics...
megan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox pictures
Help disaster hair!? So I colored my hair dark BROWN times more like Megan Fox in the following link http / / have thought of going blonde for a while 'time and my friends I was reported itll make them **** in their pants so 'I thought what the hell lets do it! I wanted to go a little 'closer to my natural color, a sort of ash blondish brown, more brown than blonde so I can grow my natural color, without roots very visible. This is the exact picture I showed my hairdresser http / / / UserFiles / Lauren-bignew.jpg I still wanted to go with a lighter color, but I also wanted to keep the same shade as my natural color! So I made an appointment to 1230pm and after 2 color corrections (striping blond hair twice) and the actual color of the final appt. to 630pm my hair has led to this http / / yummmmiii! Except to say a little 'lighter and my roots are like a white blonde, I have also told to go to the hairdresser ☹ a little' darker so its kind, was depressing when I wear a hat and my mother is doing a another appointment for Go Get It Fixed, now see her blond (even more like orange) I really want it back brown, but I feel awkward returning to the same place, because it seems they have worked really hard and it took a lot of time, much as a decade so im kind of fear and that's why I said I would not be able to return to brown easily ahhhhh so what I do, Im sure not to die myself, what should I ask, I'd rather shave my head (big lie), but I hate him soo much!
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